[Fake it ‘til you make it] SOLID OOP – S stands for “Not my fucking job”

You’re knee-deep into your interview now, with your interviewer absolutely wowed by your grasp of the Liskov Substitution Principle. You allow yourself to breathe and think “I’ve got it, this job’s mine”. Your interviewer senses this moment of weakness, and hoping to catch you off-guard she asks, “How about the other SOLID principles?” What do you do? You tell her “S stands for ‘Not my fucking job!'”
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[Pinoy in Germany] Anniversary Homesickness

I’ve been in Germany for almost five months now. It’s great to be with my wife again. I’m more comfortable in my skin here with her, than I was back in the Philippines when we were apart. The climate here is colder, which I prefer over the oppressive heat we often experience. Still, this place doesn’t feel like home yet. I’ve been here long enough to miss a lot of things from the Philippines. It’s also our fourth wedding anniversary – the first we’re celebrating here in Germany – and I am spending it alone. I think I’ve earned the right to feel homesick for a little bit.

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[Fake it ‘til you make it] The L in SOLID OOP

Landing a job can be quite hard, as I can attest from both sides of the table. I’m currently on the lookout for a job, and sadly I could not even land an interview. Should I get one though, I am pretty sure I would do well, and you can too. From my years of experience interviewing candidates, I believe I’ve developed a technique that’s guaranteed to help you seem like you really know about a topic, even though you don’t. I’ll demonstrate these techniques to you now, in the context of object-oriented programming.
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