Pinoy in Sunny Spain [PiSS] Episode 1: Home Improvement Ideas

Last week I told you that the wife and I went to Spain for a bit of a holiday. Here’s the tale of this bittersweet adventure, with some of the awesomeful pics I took.

To be more precise, we did a trip around the southern provinces of Spain. Most, if not all, of the provinces we visited were Andalusian. Here’s a rundown of the regions we went to:


Before I begin, if you’re also planning to do a summer trip to the southern territories of Spain, make sure you have the following essentials:

  • Hat / Cap
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Lip Balm
  • Water bottle

You’re welcome.

Malaga 1: Achievement Unlocked?

Our journey began in Malaga, where, after a delay of more than two hours, we finally landed and were picked up by my sister in law and her boyfriend. Famished at around 3am, we ended up eating at a McDonald’s drive thru, which was my first European McDonald’s experience, and also my first European major fast food chain experience (yeah, my wife and I haven’t eaten at any major fast food chain here in Germany; I wonder if I’ve lost weight yet). The verdict: I like Philippine McDonald’s better, but Spanish McDonald’s can still definitely save you if you’re dying of hunger. My wife, on the other hand, didn’t like her burger at all.

We arrived at my sister in law’s apartment in Granada around 5am, cancelled the walking tour we were supposed to take at 11am, got some sleep.

Granada 1: Alhambra – I want that in my house

We got up bright and early at the crack of noon. My sister in law (let’s call her Ate for short) fed us some cookies for breakfast. What? Breakfast at noon? Shouldn’t we be eating lunch, or brunch at least?

Actually, no. Fun fact: Spanish lunch starts at around 2pm. Apparently you’d be hard-pressed to find a place (that is not a fast food joint) that serves lunch before 2pm. Some establishments (mostly shops, not offices) actually close up shop from 2pm to 5pm to have lunch and siesta.

Right around the time we should be heading out for lunch, Ate lent us some hats to wear – because she pro at living and traveling in Spain and we noobs who don’t have hats – and we went out. As I recall, we had a nice meal of tomato salad, albondigas, grilled squid, breaded chicken fillet, and tinto de verano (except for Ate’s boyfriend who had Aquarius Limon because we was driving – let’s call him Bro from now on).

No food pic. I haven’t turned into that kind of person yet.

We went to the Alhambra shortly after. The Alhambra is a sprawling fortress. Inside there’s a big barracks, a number of palaces, and expansive gardens. It was built by the Moors, and then taken and appropriated by the Christian monarchs during their “reclamation” of territories. It essentially gave me a laundry list of things I want for my house. The level of detail all around is exquisite. Enjoy some photos.

I want this ceiling for my den.

What an ideal dining area. Cool and comfy, with a nice view.

Are these special walls and corners in the Alhambra? Nope. They’re everywhere.

Here’s one of those arches up close.

Wow, what an intricate wall!

That’s just a tile in my bathroom Bruh. – Yusuf I

Just a couple of long ceilings.

Which of these domed ceilings would match the curtains in our living room?

Fun Fact: Guards can use these pools to see if there are people walking on the rooftops. I wants one.

Here’s a view from the top of the Alcazaba

By the end of the tour I asked Bro if Granada would ever consider selling the Alhambra for any amount of money. His answer? Not on your life.

Wow. This article already seems too long because of all the pictures… Shit. I did not plan for this. I guess I’ll just space this out over a few posts and days.


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3 thoughts on “Pinoy in Sunny Spain [PiSS] Episode 1: Home Improvement Ideas

  1. Hmm interesting 2days for ep1….more stories and pics plssss….super bitin but it is as if i was there tagging along with you… Keep them coming jerico๐Ÿ‘’๐ŸŒ‚๐ŸŽฉ


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