[Lazy Lists] #SoThatHappened

I will inevitably encounter weeks when I’ll find it hard to write something substantial. I may be strapped for time, not feeling well, have no clear idea what to write about, or all of the above. Why not just skip a week? It’s all about cadence and forming a habit. My muse may be absent, but I’ll still show up for work.

Now let me join the bandwagon of wasting your time with some random list of shit.

These things happened to me recently. Enjoy!

1. Spent almost five hours inside a bus. With no windows and no air conditioning. In summer. #FuckYouFlixBus #SoThatHappened

Wonder why this bus is shaped like a loaf of bread? Because it’s also an oven!

2. Found a former colleague (or someone who looks very similar) trending in 9Gag. #SoThatHappened

I guess I could imagine her sticking blokes in the Friendzone

3. Found out I couldn’t play Pokemon Go on my phone because it’s rooted. #PokemonStop #SoThatHappened

Extra long image to make this post seem longer

4. Had another encounter with the cat who is fat. #SoThatHappened


Fat Cat is yawning. Do not be afraid.

5. Got psychoanalyzed* in an interview for the first time. #SoThatHappened

Googled psychoanalysis. Saw this picture. No wonder it felt creepy.

*By psychoanalyzed, I mean interviewed by a psychologist who dug more deeply about word choice than I ever experienced before. I am not sure if the techniques employed actually fall under the psychoanalysis umbrella, but writing “psychoanalyzed” is a hell of a lot shorter than writing this whole dumb paragraph.

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