[Am I Lying?] Scary Stories from the Unemployed

So far I have stuck to my claim that my blog is 100% accurate (except when it isn’t). Did you believe everything you read before? I’m pretty sure some of you would claim that you can spot some half-truths and whole lies scattered inside my ramblings. Well, here’s your chance.

With Halloween coming up, let me tell you about my pre-employment scares. You can tell me when and where you think I am lying. Of course I reserve the right to neither confirm nor deny your observations, but this should still be fun.

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Bachelor Parties, Part 2

A while ago, I started this blog with a post regarding bachelor parties. Obviously, quite a lot has happened between then and now, but I haven’t forgotten that I promised a second part in the series. To be honest, I’ve been trying to write this piece for the longest time but I just couldn’t find the words. Maybe it’s because this time the party is mine.

So, without further delay, let me now drive your already low opinion of me deeper into the ground with part two of my bachelor party story.

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