[PiG] How High School, Gundam, and Skype almost ruined me.

I’ve been down with coughs and colds for a couple of days now. The doctor ordered me to stay home for a week. First time I went to a doctor here, by the way. He barely spoke English but I was able to communicate my symptoms well enough to get the proper treatment (*clap clap* achievement unlocked).

It seems like such a long time since I last spent consecutive days just hanging out at home – even though I’ve been working for barely a month. Did you know that in Germany, sick leaves aren’t counted as part of your yearly leave entitlement? Yeah. So long as a doctor has ordered you to stay home, you get to stay home. My office mates don’t even want me around. I tried going to the office last Monday and one of them told me “Go home, I don’t want to be infected by your germs”. I said “I can’t, since I can’t work from home” to which he responded “When you’re sick, you don’t have to work from home. Just tell your boss.”

Is this real life? I’m not really sure if these things are actually happening. First there’s the company-issued Pixel, now “worry free” sick leaves? Makes me very grateful. Also makes me think about how I almost didn’t get this job, and all because of High School, Gundam, and Skype.

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[PiG] Say Cheese!

Just got a job and now I haven’t posted anything for three weeks! All that talk about cadence apparently amounts to shit. But the truth is, my first two weeks at work were really quite busy that I didn’t have the energy to sit down and write at night. Then, my folks came to visit us. Out time together was short enough without me making it shorter by making a post.

While these two things took away from my writing time, they also gave me something in return. My parents, whom I haven’t seen for more than six months, gave me untold joy for my birthday. My job gave me a Google Pixel to take photos with.

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